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Scouted then unscouted..........

Posted by DoomPatrol - April 22nd, 2010

Ok I don't know wtf! is up with me getting scouted and then unscouted I am not posting anything that isn't mine or that I don't have a right to post. I also haven't posted anything that isn't allowed on newgrounds. But since people keep unscouting me. I will not be posting any more work on NewGrounds or be using it any more. So peace see ya all some place else.

This was posted by ornery on a post I made in the forum
At 4/22/10 08:23 PM, DoomPatrol wrote:
I have been scouted 3 times and glad I haven't scouted anyone cause I keep getting unscouted. I also haven't been given a reason for the 3 times being unscouted. I follow the rules and all my post to the art portal are mine 100% but yet ever time I keep getting unscouted.
Actually they aren't, you use pre rendered models, textures, etc. from second life. While the customability of second life is impressive its not an approved art creation program, at best its a glorified dress up game. As for there not being a reason coupled with the unscouting notice is attributed to the art portal still being under construction. Hopefully in the near future there will be reasons mailed with the notices so that artists arent left in the dark about their unscouting.

Can someone explained to me how on Deviant Art.....
We arent deviant art, we have much higher standards of quality and or more picky and stringent about what is allowed and isnt. For now your pieces are allowed to stay on your user page, but that is until more deliberation is taken into them and their creation methods.

And generally PM an art mod instead of complaining on the art forum about problems like this.

I can't respond to them on the forum so I will do it here. Honestly SL is not a glorified dress up game. It is alot of things and to say someone can't use it to make art is a fucken joke seeing as shit like Daz Studio and other 3-D modeling programs made for artist is more of a joke seeing as for them you have to buy the models and everything just to make your art. When on SL you can of course by the shit from stores. But I build the majority of mine including the models. In sl you have to build the majority of shit if you really want to be a custom avatar. But as I said before i'm done with NG and my shit will stay on here weather I get another scout or not but I won't be making any more post or be on here any more. Also how is NG a higher standard when there is alot of images Deviant Art would ban for thier adult nature such as an image I saw of a girl jerking off some guys cock and having him cum on her hand. Oh yeah thats really art.

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damn youre in a mood...whoever you are

I was a 3-D artist on here but now my page is just going to be dead and not used for anything till NG's learns to give a reason behind unscouting espicially when you have done nothing wrong.

This happens to A LOT of people, just to let you know.

Well it's fucken retarded at least on Deviant art the give you a reason for your stuff being removed here they just fucken do it without a reason. Fuck NG's.